To distribute the best products, at the best price, with outstanding customer service


To be a leading supplier of industrial tools and equipment in Jordan.


Generates results, and High Force is most definitely an effective company, both in terms of decision-making and operations.

For clients, colleagues, and suppliers are the basis of the harmonious business relationship and the key to company success.

Contributes to the organization's progress. At High Force, everyone can share his or her ideas for improving performance and achieving greater effectiveness.

Strive to achieve the highest possible standards in day-to-day work and in the quality of the outcomes provided.

About Us

High Force Engineering Solutions Ltd. is a leading supplier of industrial tools and equipment. We focus our activities to serve all industrial corporates, as well as maintenance centers in the automotive and aviation sectors.  We provide clients with premium-quality industrial and engineering tools and equipment, accessories, and consumables selected from the best available products globally. 

Our partners are well-known international household industry leaders like HYTORC, LARZEP, YALE, KNIPEX, WERA, PFERD. Our product ranges include Bolting Systems, Hydraulic Lifting, Material Handling, Hand Tools, and Abrasives. For each product category, our partners have undergone a strict screening process and we only provide those products that we believe meet the highest standards and requirements of our clients. As such, we offer a mixed-brand tool selection across each product category.